It is a history of Kajimeiku which is a rain wear manufacturer.


June 1925 Established in Takaoka-shi, Toyama-ken for production and selling of wagasa (traditional Japanese umbrellas).
August 1950 Incorporated and founded Kaji-Shoten Co.,Ltd.
November 1962 Changed the company name due to the change in the organization.
October 1963 Opened a dedicated factory.
May 1964 Moved the office and the plant to 10-1 Furujozuka, Takaoka-shi.Established agents nationwide as a rainwear company.
February 1970 Started production of rainwear in South Korea with a technical collaboration.
March 1972 Started production of rainwear in Taiwan with a technical collaboration.
Spring 1975 Started outsourcing the manufacturing of sports clothes in the main plant.
July 1993 Expanded and built a new main office.
May 1994 Established REALLY GAIN INTERNATIONAL LTD. in Hong Kong as an overseas office.
October 1994 Built a new plant.
March 1997 Established Tokyo office in Machida-shi. Capital increased by Nagoya Small and Medium Business Investment & Consultation Co.,Ltd. 's capital participation.
October 1999 Koichi Kaji was formally inaugurated as a CEO.
November 2000 Acquired capital in Sanmeiku Co.,Ltd. (Osaka-shi).
January 2001 Established Osaka office in Osaka-shi.
August 2001 Changed the company name to Kajimeiku Co.,Ltd.
August 2002 Absorbed Sanmeiku Co.,Ltd.
August 2003 Established Fukuoka branch office in Fukuoka-shi.
March 2004 Gained approval for administration reform plan.
August 2004 Moved Tokyo office from Machida-shi to Omiya-shi.
October 2004 Opened Tonami Distribution Center.
May 2005 Moved Fukuoka branch office to Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi and upgraded it to a sales office.
January 2006 Established Minds Co., Ltd.
January 2008 Established Fukui sales office in Sakai-shi, Fukui-ken.
February 2008 Established Niigata sales office in Sanjo-shi, Niigata-ken.
October 2012 Expanded Tonami products centre.
August 2016 Absorbed Minds Co., Ltd. and Ishisone Design Co., Ltd.
March 2017 Expanded Tonami Distribution Center.