Social contributions

Social contributions
Social contributions

・Concluded "Agreement on Provision of Supplies in the Event of a Disaster" with Tonami City

・Donated 13,000 masks to Takaoka Koseiren Hospital (with the spread of new coronavirus infection)

・Donated 2,400 raincoats to Toyama Prefecture as a countermeasure product against new coronavirus infection


・Donated 2,000 sets of face shields to the Takaoka City Board of Education as a countermeasure product against new coronavirus infections
・Signed a supplier contract with "Aranmare Handball Team".



・We will carry out cleanup activities as a social contribution to the community and contribute to the conservation of the local environment.




・With the aim of coexisting with and contributing to local communities,we accepted "Tonami High School Field Study" as our first attempt. The students received the explanation of our business history from the time of founding and saw the actual work of our employees in the office.




All of our offices (Head Office, Fukuoka Sales Office, Osaka Sales Office, Tonami Product Center, Jingumae Office, and Tokyo Sales Office) We carried out cleanup activities in the neighborhoods near our offices. The purpose of this activity is to contribute to the local community and protect the environment. We will continue to make various efforts in the future.








・Concluded a supplier agreement with Toyama Dreams handball team.




・Concluded an support company agreement with the KATALLER TOYAMA soccer team.




・Concluded an official partner agreement with the TOYAMA GROUSES basketball team.




・This time, a Food Drive was held at the head office and Tonami Distribution Center for the purpose of cooperating with the Takaoka City Council of Social Welfare's "Takaoka Tsunagu Gohan 「Food that Links Takaoka」" the first time. As a result we coald collect 5 cardboard boxes worth of food and daily necessities. These items will be delivered to single-parent families through the Takaoka City Council of Social Welfare.